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Emanuel Oliveira, also known as Brada, is a portuguese music producer and dj. Son of an Angolan father and a Mozambican mother, he was always surrounded by African influences, since his father is also a musician and played in one of the biggest african music groups called “Duo Ouro Negro”.

He began his career in a duo project called “No Maka” with Duarte Carvalho, conquering multi-platinum records such as “Faz Gostoso”, released by Madonna and Anitta, reaching #1 in Billboard with the album “Madame X”. He also played in venues like Altice Arena and MEO Sudoeste.

Brada brings us an electronic afro sound defined as “Afro Tech” and “Afro House”. In 2021 he released “Assume” and instantly grabbed the attention of the Afro House culture. That same year, Emanuel teamed up with Duarte to create a record label, Capote Records.