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General Topics

What are the minimum qualifications to be able to join a course?

With the exception of basic English and IT skills, there are no minimum qualifications to take any course/workshop at ProDJ.


I intend to take the DJ course, but I have questions. Can I try it out?

Yes, you can. You do not have to pay for the course right away. Schedule a visit HERE: http://www.cursos-dj.com/marcacao and clarify all your doubts in person. You can also choose to purchase a 4-hour workshop, and if you like it, then you can enroll in a more comprehensive course, with the discount of the amount you paid at that workshop. Check it here: http://www.cursos-dj.com/workshop-dj.html


How many classes are there in each course?

The courses have different hours according to the chosen option. They range from 4 hours in a simple workshop to over 300 hours in our premium courses.


Where is the school located?

In Lisbon:
Manuel Silva Leal Road, 7 – D, 100 meters away from the subway exit – Stop: Laranjeiras – and next to the Milénio Clinic.

In Porto:
Rua Doutor Carlos Brandão, 32 – 4050-160 Porto

Can I have private classes?

Yes, you can. This has an additional cost, compared with group lessons. We do not recommend private lessons unless you have big restrictions in terms of your timetable. Group lessons allow an exchange of experiences and they boost competitiveness. It may happen, however, that you schedule a lesson and that at that time you end up having the lesson on your own.


Do I have an internship after the end of the course?

ProDJ’s best students, and those who are selected by our partners, will have the opportunity to participate in events for which the academy is invited. Formally, we do not provide internships, but there are countless students who can pay for the course in full, even before they finish it. Take a look at our Youtube channel and watch some videos of our students feedback. Check it here.


Can I enroll on a course if I have no experience whatsoever?

Of course you can. The vast majority of our courses are aimed at those who have no knowledge of the DJ or music production fields.


What do I need to bring with me for the lessons?

We have everything you need. If you prefer, you may bring only your own headphones.


At the end of each course do I have a guaranteed job?

These days, little or nothing is guaranteed in life. In this case as well, there will be no guarantees that you have a job at the end of the course. Some of our students start to work even before they finish their course, but not all of them. A course certified at ProDJ goes a long way towards you being able to work, but that also requires a lot of work and dedication at the classes and at the studio, in addition to the contacts which you should develop in person and in social media.


Can I always play the same musical genre in the lessons?

At ProDJ we do not do it, and we do not recommend people to do it either. It is important for a DJ, whether he intends to work professionally or not, to know all musical genres and to practice them, even it is only for a short period of time. After that, of course you should follow your musical style and your preferences. It will also be on that basis that you might find a differentiation factor between yourself and others.


Does ProDJ have training regulations?

Yes, we have training regulations. You can read it here.
We always advise you to read it, before starting your course and as it is available in your student area..



Do I have to pay for my Diploma?

Yes. Check ProDJ’s price list.


What is the difference between the Diploma and the Certificate of Attendance?

The Diploma certifies a course’s successful completion. The Certificate of Attendance declares the presence in a course and the respective number of hours attended by the student. The certificate is issued in the case of trying out a DJ course, or Workshops. It is also issued in the case of a completed course, in which the student’s grade is lower than 10 points, or whose attendance is lower than 90% of the course’s total number of hours.


How is the final exam taken?

The final exam consists of two tests: an internal final exam (theoretical and practical test) and an external final exam (practical test performed before an external jury to the school).


How is the assessment conducted?

The assessment of your performance is conducted over the training initiatives (continuous assessment) and through a final exam.


Do I get a Diploma at the end?

Yes, if your grade is equal or higher than 10 points and you have a minimum attendance rate of 90%, you receive a diploma that validates your attendance and your grade. In addition to that, your training will be entered into the governmental platform SIGO where, from that point onwards, there will be a record of the training’s hours and content. You may and should use this information in your CV.


Where can I buy the equipment to practice?

You can buy it right here at ProDJ. Check out our ONLINE STORE at https://prodj.pt but do not hesitate to talk to us in case you find equipment with different prices from the market value. Purchasing at ProDJ also means that you will be given your training up to TWO hours in that same equipment, and that way you will get to know everything about it, in a fast and efficient way.


Online Courses

Are there differences between having a lesson at ProDJ in Lisbon or Porto, or having a ProDJ lesson online?

Yes, each school has its own benefits. At ProDJ in Lisbon or Porto, the lessons are taken with the instructors, in person, and the premises are available beyond the lessons. At ProDJ Online, you can be at your own home, and the materials for the lessons and the videos can be fully reviewed, at least up to 12 months following your first login.


How long does a webinar last?

Unless otherwise specified, each webinar lasts 20 minutes, but it can last longer depending on the doubts presented by the student.


Can I cancel a 1 to 1 lesson?

Yes, you can. It is possible to cancel a 1 to 1 lesson once per course, at the most. The cancellation is accepted, as long as it is made up to 24 working hours of the day of the class.
Important: the non-attendance to a webinar which has been cancelled in an irregular way is considered as absence and it will not be possible to reclaim it.

What happens if I do not complete my course within the set deadline?

By the very nature of things, there is a time for everything. In order for ProDJ to be able to provide convenience (flexibility in terms of schedule) and excellence, there are many technical, human, administrative and logistic procedures which are associated. These procedures do not sympathize with the accumulation of idle enrollments. Therefore, once the deadline for the course’s completion is finished, all enrollments will be perceived as finalized, regardless of their outcome.


How long will I take to finish the course?

It depends on the course and your availability. You can take as long “as you want”, as long as it does not take longer than 12 months. Wherever and whenever you want it, is ProDJ Online’s motto.


Do I have a deadline to finish my course?

Yes. All courses have a deadline for you to attend your lessons and to undergo the exam. That deadline varies between 3 to 18 months, depending on the course. Check your course’s technical sheet at ProDJ’s site to know the completion deadline.


What kind of support do I get during the course?

During the course you can contact us by email 24/7, with a quick response from our side, and you can clarify your doubts at the course’s webinars, if you have them. Depending on the course you may even get a personalized feedback through VideoTube, an exclusive ProDJ Online’s system where our instructors comment on the projects you will be doing during the course.
All our instructors have a lot of experience and they can help you in the clarification of any doubts you might have related not only to the course but also to the music world.


Is this course appropriate for beginners?

Yes, it is. The course is aimed at students who have little or no previous knowledge. Students who have experience with production may also benefit greatly from this unprecedented and pioneering course, in the Portuguese language, by ProDJ.


How do ProDJ’s online courses work?

All online courses have several tutorial videos where you get to understand how each course works, in reality. We intend for you to have a unique and personalized experience through our exclusive system VideoTube where you have access to a video with the instructor’s comment to your work. You can also watch and participate in webinar sessions where you can clarify all of your doubts.
These live sessions are recorded so you can later recall what was spoken. For more information click here https://youtu.be/Oy2KI-NaiwA


What are the requirements to attend ProDJ’s online Production course?

There are no academic requirements for this course. You should, however, have a personal computer with access to the internet. This course is practical, and therefore it is aimed at all those who wish to develop and increase their skills to a professional level.


I purchased my ProDJ’s online course, when will I be able to log in?

Immediately after the purchase’s validation, you will receive a sign-up guide (in case it was through Secure SSL or Paypal) and you can start the course thereafter. In case you have opted for bank transfer, the validation might take 2 to 4 days longer.


How can I sign up?

All enrollments are undertaken online. Watch this video to sign up for the free course: https://youtu.be/Oy2KI-NaiwA


Can I restart my online courses if I need to be absent?

The main advantage of online courses is that you can take them anywhere with internet access. If you need to, you can always recap the lessons up to one year after your enrollment.


I need help, my doubt(s) is/are not answered here.

If that happens, don’t worry, get in touch with us directly at info@prodjonline.com



How long in advance do I need to schedule or cancel my lessons?

You can schedule or cancel lessons up to ONE hour before their start.


Can I take two lessons in a row (in the same day, one after the other)?

Yes, of course you can, as long as SIMAO – scheduling system for online lessons – enables you to. There might be hours which are blocked by the system, seeing that they are already taken by other students.


How long does a lesson last?

Unless otherwise specified, each lesson lasts 50 minutes. In the courses with a pre-established schedule, lessons will have the term of duration specified in it. In the courses with flexibility in terms of schedule, lessons cannot be less than 50 minutes or over four hours long.


At what time can I have my lessons?

You can have lessons between 10 AM and 07 PM, every day except Sundays and some holidays. There are 2 to 3 days per week with lessons until 9 PM.


Can I cancel a lesson?

Yes, you can. It is possible to cancel a previously scheduled lesson. The cancellation is accepted, as long as it is made up to ONE working hour before the beginning of the lesson.
Important: the non-attendance to lessons which have been cancelled in an irregular way is considered as absence.


Are there lessons after working hours?

Yes, there are. It is possible to have lessons until 9 PM on some days of the week. Check with us by email to hi@prodj.pt or call now 351 211 547 224.


Can I have lessons only on Saturdays?

Yes, you can, in case the SIMAO system – scheduling system for online lessons – enables it.


How do I schedule my classes?

When you enroll in one of ProDJ’s courses, you receive a username and a password which then allow you to enter the scheduling system for online lessons, which we refer to by the abbreviation SIMAO. You go to the site www.prodj.pt and at the Home Page you find the picture and the link to schedule your lessons. You choose the day and the time, and you get to know who will be your instructor that day.


How do I know the schedules of my lessons?

You decide. If there is a vacancy, the lessons take place at the day and at the time that you schedule.


When do the courses begin?

The courses at ProDJ do not have a set start date. They start every day depending on your availability and on the equipment available at the school.



I wanted to enroll online and effect the payment for the course in one single sum. What are the necessary procedures and the bank reference to make the payment?

The enrollment can be undertaken online, after the payment of the course, or of the registration fee only. The enrollment is performed through the filling of a document that will be sent to you after we receive the proof of payment and after its validation. This process can take one to two days, at the most. You can also schedule your first lesson right away and then all you have to do is show up at the academy in Lisbon or in Porto at the agreed date and time. The payment can be made through our IBAN number – IBAN – PT50 0035 0293 00011677030 71 – CGD. You will subsequently be sent a username and a password which will grant you access to our SIMAO system (scheduling system for online lessons), where you will be able to schedule your lessons according to your availability.
The ProDJ academy in Lisbon works from Monday to Saturday, from 10 AM to 7 PM, and there can also be lessons from 7 PM to 9 PM on certain days of the week. We recommend always to read our training Regulation before begin your training.
Read here.



I signed up for a course that has not started yet, but I will not be able to attend after all. Is it possible for you to refund the money I paid?

Yes, it is. We accept the cancellation of registrations up to five days before the course’s starting date, and we reimburse the full amount which has been paid.


I started the course a few days ago, but I will not be able to attend the lessons anymore. Can a friend of mine take the rest of the course in my place?

No. The enrollment is personal and non-transferable.


I am not 18 years old yet. How can I sign up?

You can sign up with a written consent from your parents or legal guardians.


Is the registration fee’s amount returned to me?

The registration fee is only there to guarantee you a spot in a future course which has a set starting date, or in the case of payment of the course by installments. In this case, the amount paid at the registration will be returned in the course’s last installment. In the case of an international student where the issue of the registration statement has been necessary in order to obtain a visa, the refund, in case the visa is not obtained, will be of only 50% of the amount initially paid.



I wanted to enroll online and effect the payment for the course in one single sum. What are the necessary procedures and the bank reference to make the payment?

You have to go to our online store https://prodj.pt/, choose the course and proceed with the payment. Firstly there is the payment, and then the enrollment. Any one of these can be performed online. After the payment (transfer or visa/amex card), you will be sent a link to proceed with your registration and you can even schedule your first lesson if you want.


Does ProDJ offer discounts in the courses?

Yes. We offer significative discounts when the payment is made in full, at the time of registration or in advance. Check our price list in this site. In the case of prompt payment or advance payment there is no registration fee to add to the first installment.


During the last month I could not attend the lessons. Can I use the amount paid for that month for the following month?

No. Fees are not transferable, either in whole or in part, to any other month.


What happens if I pay after that date?

In the case of payment delay, ProDJ may apply a surcharge of 5% and as per our training regulation.


Until which day of the month can the fees be paid?

Until the 10th of each month.


What are the payment methods?

You can pay by Multibanco (ATM), check, in cash or by PayPal system – VISA/Amex card or Master Card, through our online store (https://prodj.pt/).



I am a musician, but I do not want to work exclusively or at all with electronic music, does ProDJ have a course for me?

The structure of the Production courses is based on music creation, regardless of its genre or style, always placing more emphasis on the electronic genre or blending techniques.


Do I have to get equipment in order to attend the course?

It is not necessary to purchase any kind of equipment to attend the courses at ProDJ.


What are the musical genres you teach?

At the moment in the production courses, the main electronic music genres are studied and dissected, it being, however, possible, for the student to contact the instructor with the intention of developing a specific genre which has not been developed in the lessons. The main categories are: Trance, Techno, Drumʼnʼbass, Dubstep, Electro, House, etc., as well as all their subgenres.


Do you have Hip-Hop courses?

PRODj’s courses are generalist, that is to say, all musical genres are studied and dissected in the classes. Do not hesitate, however, to check with us, in case you do not find the course you want. We will have a solution to present you.


I already have some Production knowledge and I want to take a crash course, what do you recommend?

You can choose our consulting service and acquire separate hours. This is a training course TO SUIT YOU. It only requires some advance in terms of scheduling, since this service has a high demand. Our advice is always, however, that you schedule a visit and clarify the doubts you have by explaining the kind of training you intend. It may so happen that one of our production courses is of interest to you. Schedule your visit here.


Which software programs are used in the production courses?

In the production courses, the DAW used are essentially Ableton Live and Logic Pro. The Producer I and II course uses mainly Logic Pro.


What is the difference between the Producer I and II courses?

The “Producer I” is a production course with a program created essentially for those who want to start producing electronic music themes, or those who already do it and intend to consolidate their skills, this course not being as exhaustive as the “Producer II” in areas such as: voice recording, microphone techniques and in-depth study of the acoustics of space. We recommend the visit to the descriptions of each of these courses. The “Producer II” course was created to provide a solid and comprehensive training of electronic music production. It is considered a “technical-vocational” course, from which the trainees will leave empowered with several skills at the production level.