TikTok ProDJ


Learn how to produce music from a computer and how to play it like your favorite DJ. Supported by highly qualified ProDJ teachers and online.


Online Master Producer

This online course is for anyone who wants to learn how to create and produce music on their computer. The course is valid for any musical genre. You will acquire knowledge of musical composition, mixing, mastering and sound design in FL, Logic and Ableton software.

Producer I Online

We all started somewhere, this is the introductory course on creating music through production. This course is aimed at all people who want to take their first steps in music, even if they have no knowledge of music theory or play an instrument. You can learn to produce in any musical genre.

Producer II Online

You finished Producer I or are self-taught but you need to know more about the art of creating music on your computer. This course is aimed at all people who want to improve their Music Production skills, in the areas of Mixing, Mastering, Sound Design and Composition. Softwares used: FL, Logic and Ableton.

Producer III Online

You have mastered music production, mixing and mastering but you want more! This course is aimed at all people who want to improve their skills in sound design, remixing, sound manipulation and musical composition for films.


Ableton Live

Do you know what Diplo, Skrillex and Deadmau5 have in common? In this course you will learn production techniques offered by Ableton Live software.

Ableton One to One

We’ll talk about topics such as sound engineering, song writing, sound design, advanced mixing and mastering, workflow, vocal recording, in 100% practical classes.

Musical Composition

Composition fundamentals and harmonization methods and tools that are always accompanied by examples of different styles of music.