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Producer III

Sound Design


You have mastered music production, mixing and mastering but you want more! This course is aimed at anyone who wants to improve their skills in sound design, remixing, sound manipulation and music composition for films.

In online classes you will have privileged access not only to the teacher but also to your screen, to explore in detail and in the comfort of your home, the techniques of musical creation. Classes are recorded so you can review as many times as you want.


Have you always wanted to know how to get to the sounds of your idols? Producer III is the course of sound creation. We will explore the sounds of various styles and learn how to recreate them, using various tools, both software and hardware. We will talk about topics such as Sound design, Sound mangling, Composition for films and advertising, Non-linear creativity and sound manipulation, in a 100% practical course.


100h - 5 Months
from 360€*

Course Registration Producer III – Lisboa


Direcionado a todas as pessoas que queiram adquirir um domínio completo de todos os aspetos da profissão de DJ, quer pretendam exercer profissionalmente ou apenas como hobbie.

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Total Payment, 4 Monthly Payments




*Additional cost of €45 for a Diploma.
**Non-refundable deposit.

*45€ charge for certification documents, diploma included.

In our Producer III course the focus is on creating your own sounds. Techniques such as granular synthesis, timestretch, sound layering, creation of your own samplers and remixing techniques, will endow you with the knowledge that top artists use and therefore achieve such good results in their productions..

This course is the secret weapon that many producers wanted to have, by exploring innovative sound creation techniques we give you the ability to achieve totally unique sounds that will set you apart from the average producer.

You can also have access to twenty hours of practice in a professional studio with flexible online scheduling. Access to ten hours of classes in LAB format where you are face to face with your trainer and where you will be able to clarify all your doubts. Two hundred video-summaries of all the material given are also part of this course. And also access to two video-tubes: your projects corrected and changed by a ProDJ trainer. See an example HERE. Finally, being your on-site course, you can also attend online classes from other times with other trainers, making your training experience much richer.

The course includes theoretical and practical methods that will help you to clarify all important aspects, and there is also the possibility of career development guidance after completing the course.


• Minimum age of admission is 14 years old
• Computer use in the basic user perspective
• Special health conditions must be informed upon enrollment for case by case study


The classes are given by CCP certified professional instructors.

Professional Opportunities

• Music Producer
• Remixer
• Sound Designer
• Composer
• Digital audio product creator
• Mixing e Mastering Technician
• Studio Assistant


At ProDJ Lisboa: 10x Apple iMac, Mac mini, Adam T7V, Focal Alpha 80, Pioneer SDJ50, Klark teknik KT-2A, Klark teknik KT-76, Klark teknik EQP-KT, Dbx 286 S, Roland V-synth, Roland VP-770, Moog Subsequent 37, UAD Solo Thunderbolt, Antares Autotune, Rode NT-1A, Akai APC40, Native instruments Kontrol 61, Native instruments Maschine Jam, Roland Quad Capture.
Each student has access to a complete workstation equipped with the same products as the booths of the largest festivals and events around the world: Pioneer CDJ2000nxs2, DJM900nxs2, DJM2000, RMX1000, XDJ700, Native Instruments S8, S5, Z2, A8, A6, X1, F1, Maschine Jam, Technics SL1210, Pioneer PLX1000, among others.
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At ProDJ Porto: 8x MacBook Air , 4xMac Mini, 10x, 2x M-Audio BX-8, 10x Akai MPK Mini MKII, 1 x Roland Gaia SH-01. Pioneer CDJ850, DJM850, XDJ700, Native Instruments S8, A8, A6, X1, F1, Technics SL1210, among others.

In addition to the excellent equipment you will work with the most used software in the world: Traktor, Serato and Rekordbox.

Next Classes

The course starts in the months of March and September.

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International Students

ProDJ accepts international students from any country in the world, provided they have a valid document, passport or visa.

As an international DJ academy certified by the Portuguese government, ProDJ and its instructors are able to teach both in Portuguese and English.


Online classes: 70h
Studio: 20h (access: up to 3 months after completion of the course)
LAB: 10h (access: during the course)
Video summaries: 200 (lifetime access)
Textbooks (lifetime access)


The world of Synthesizers

• Concept of Sound Design
• Exploring various types of synthesis
• Preset manipulation
• The Filters universe
• Parameters routing
• Programming Synthesizers
• The art of Sampling
• Sampling Algorhythms
• Creation of Samplers
• Audio Manipulation
• Recording Instruments
• Compiling commercial Products

Sound for film

• Foley Recording
• Timestretching
• Reverb Mangling
• Non musical recording
• Randomness in Sound Design
• Exploring types of microphones
• Non-linear creative techniques
• SMPTE sync
• Composition for advertisement

Career development

• Remixing techniques
• Warping
• Key finding
• Conversion techniques
• Elements manipulation
• Amplitude combination
• Concept of Remix, Bootleg and Edit
• Products monetization
• Digital paths development
• Capitalization methods


A ProDJ é a única academia DJ e de Produção de música certificada em Portugal pela DGERT – Direção-Geral do Emprego e das Relações de Trabalho. Os procedimentos adotados refletem um referencial de qualidade específico para a formação, e estão de acordo com ele.

Os requisitos de certificação são condições obrigatórias que determinam a qualidade das práticas adotadas pela entidade formadora na prestação do seu serviço de formação. O certificado DGERT da ProDJ constitui um reconhecimento factual e indiscutível da qualidade dos nossos cursos, nas indústrias DJ e de Produção Musical. Os nossos formadores têm CCP (Certificado de Competências Pedagógicas).

DGERT - Entidade Formadora Certificada